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Tracker for HSV model: Overview and Explanation

Manually putting values for HSV model can be quite frustrating. The easiest way to deal with it is to make an OpenCV based trackbars which allow us to adjust the values manually using a trackbar. So with the help of this, we can able to adjust the different combination of values in one go.

Polygon Analysis: Overview and Explanation

Our aim is to build a module which is enough to analyze a polygon and return some fruitful information like an angle, slope, sides, corner coordinates etc. So we build py2pyAnalysis. Two line of code is sufficient to tear down a polygon of upto 15 sides.

Make your module pip installable.

Sometimes when we build a program, we realize its more than just for one program and can be useful to many, and it's a good thing though. So lets learn how to make your module pip installable.

Fix: No Module Found Error in python

Sometimes while importing a module we got a famous error “No Module Found” or sometimes “IndexError: No Module named”, this is a very common error and quite frustrating at the same time, we reinstall the model again and again but every time when we try to import the model we got the same error. So let's learn why this error come and how to remove this one for all