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Bokeh Effect in Image using Python

Bokeh is the Japanese word which means Blur. Bokeh tends to the region which we choose to out of focus. This effect makes the in-focus image so vibrant and clear to eyes which makes the photo looks more elegant. Today I would like to share how to achieve Bokeh effect in Python.

Tracker for HSV model: Overview and Explanation

Manually putting values for HSV model can be quite frustrating. The easiest way to deal with it is to make an OpenCV based trackbars which allow us to adjust the values manually using a trackbar. So with the help of this, we can able to adjust the different combination of values in one go.

We already have RGB so why we need HSV ?

In image processing we often use HSV model over the RGB model, but what actually lag behind by RGB so that we need the HSV model. for these let's understand the models and then we code some program to view it practically.